About Us

So, what are we all about?

14 years is a long time to learn and practice anything. That is why we are considered professionals at cleaning and hospitality consultancy. We are passionate about taking care of your domestic and commercial space and making sure that your space is clean by global standards; not negating your standards. It doesn’t stop there; We also care about you as our customer and friend; what you have to say about our service and what changes you would love to effect in your business. We give cleaning services with a difference, and that is what will add value to your business.

Why Choose Linic

We know you want a squeaky-clean space around you to match your ethic. We also know that you want transparency, a teachable partner and loyalty to your unique needs. Our team is set on working with you every step of the way whilst bearing a smile. We set and obey deadlines because your time matters to us too. Our management team is easily accessible and ready to hear form you and with our well-trained friendly and responsive staff, you are assured that we have your best interests at heart. As you can see, Linic and your business have a few things in common: Value for honesty, diligence and team effort. This is why we would make such a great team together.